Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Here I go again. For the umpteenth time since my teens, I'm going to try to get into shape. 

As usual, my plan is bulletproof.

Using a change in circumstances to help change mindset, from tomorrow I'm going to do 500 calories every alternate day eating normally on the other days. 

The change in circumstance is the end of school summer holidays. Nobody in our line of work can diet or keep fit from mid-July through to the second week in September, a controlled decline is the best we can hope for.

Walk as much as possible. School is a mile and a half on foot. But will they agree to walk?

Do a bit of yoga in the living room twice a day. I went to classes (who didn't?) many years ago, I can still remember several poses; cobra, dolphin, half-moon. And the one I was okay at, the ignominious downward facing dog. 

Do some sit-ups.

Drink lemon or peppermint tea, except for the first cup of the day, which will continue to be the medicinal kick-start "builders" with a spoon of honey.

Skip breakfast. They say you shouldn't but I find it quite easy, and it must help cut calories. Never finish the crusts from their lunchbox.

Cut down on the wine. This is going to be hard. Can't remember the last time a day didn't feel like it owed me an evening glass or two. Got to be done though if I'm going to drop 10 pounds, as alcohol makes the body retain water.

Remember to take the health food tablets I've bought, a brand which help release dopamine in the brain. Dopamine encourages focus and self control, which supports lots of things in life, not just getting in shape. I've been on these tablets since last week, and I do seem a bit tougher with myself, mentally.

Weigh myself every morning. Today I am 11st12lb. (I was under 10st throughout my twenties).

Check blood pressure with the Boots Pressure Monitor I bought several years ago. Today I was 162/108 when I started writing this post, and now, just ten minutes later, I'm down to 133/91. Perhaps the sudden drop is because the children have shut themselves in the front room to watch last Saturday's Dr Who on the (parent controlled) laptop, and I've had a bit of peace.

Count calories. So far today, (up to and including lunch);

1 cup tea with honey                               65 cals
2 cups coffee                                           0 cals
1 bowl of fruit salad (apple, plum melon)  85 cals
1 plain bagel                                         200 cals
with 1 smoked mackerel                        345 cals

The smoked mackerel calories was a shock; I thought it was meant to be a 5 star health food? How am I going to do under 500 calories a day!?!?

However, I shall start for real tomorrow morning since tonight is the last night before first day of school and I've promised 
  • take-away pizza (stodgy dough + gungy cheese = 295 cals per slice) 
  • and popcorn (oil + butter= 50 cals per cup) 
  • to watch The Lion King (sugar + artificial sweetening = 2000 cals per schmaltzy bit)

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