Wednesday, August 10, 2016


They've just published a survey showing the favourite brands of people who voted Leave versus people who voted Remain.

Got me thinking.

Just for a bit of fun, knowing what we know about the Referendum, supposing children had had a vote, how would they have voted, and why?

The Referendum was about more than just the EU, it was a vote about who you are, how your life is and what you think about other people and their lives, both at home and abroad.

The Referendum suggested that GB is two worlds in one country.

Apparently, according to the stats, the younger you are the more likely you voted Remain, but that only took us down to 18 year olds.

Obviously, we talked about it with our children, I would be surprised if any family didn't.

Oh, hang on, I'm a foster carer, I've come across plenty of families where nothing gets discussed, everything gets argued over.

Mine were indifferent, but vaguely for Remain. That is to say our own children. Our foster children weren't so sure, but they were a bit Leavie. Our own children are more up for the outside world, more digital. Our foster children tend understandably to be drawn to simple, homely comforts.

Then I looked at adults favourite brands, the ones that people had most affinity for and was quite taken aback, because it summed up the two worlds theory, but also seemed somehow to sum up children in care and children not. More than that, I'm not a sociologist so I have no comment:

LEAVE                                                              REMAIN
HP Sauce                                                
Bisto                                                                BBCiplayer
ITV News                                                          Instagram
The Health Lottery                                           London Underground
Birdseye                                                           Spotify
Iceland                                                             Airbnb
Sky News                                                          Linkedin
Cathedral City                                                  Virgin Trains                                                  
PG Tips                                                             Twitter
Richmond Sausages                                           Easyjet


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