Thursday, September 12, 2019




My name, apparently, is 'Friday". 

I'm 14 weeks old so mind yourself because I've learned a few things in my short time such as how to pull a face that makes everyone go "Awww!".

Up until not long ago I was with my mum and my brothers and sisters and even though I was the littlest one of all I got my turn for milk, eventually.

Funny though; one by one my brothers and sisters went off and I never saw them again.

Then a bunch of people came and looked at me and suddenly I was put in a box thing and then the box thing was put in another thing called a car. I got a bit nervous about all this and couldn't help but leave a present on the floor of the box. Everyone else in the car seemed very impressed and opened all the car's windows so that all the people we were zooming past could enjoy the lovely whiff. 

Anyway, the big news is, long story short; I've ended up living with the people who came in the car! Living in their house! As if I was one of them!

They are nice enough. They aren't my own, but I can teach them how to live with me. Apparently I have a special job to do when I'm old enough. 

"There is a phone on here somewhere, and it's mine"

For the time being it's up to me to search every single corner and crevice of the entire house so that I know what's what around here.

I've noticed that on the top of things called "tables" are things that interest humans, and that the things that interest them most are  
2) "remotes" 
3) "sunglasses"

I have begun my own collection of these things which I keep in the garden under something called a "rhododendron".

One of the humans reminds me a bit of me. It seems that like me he's not one of the actual family, he's something called a foster child. I get on with him best. The others are very kind and know how to put food in a bowl and stuff like that. They don't seem to appreciate it when I drop a spray of marker pee around the house. This is a totally necessary requirement, I have to do it, it's dog law. Yet one or two of the other smaller people in the house start shrieking things like "Oh my God she's doing a wee!". 

Not my bestie friend. He doesn't get het up at all. He steps over it and goes about his own business. My kind of dude.

When I first arrived one of the bigger humans (like me, a female) spent the night on cushions with me on the kitchen floor, but I'm cool on my own now until it starts to get light.

I'm picking up their language nicely; I keep hearing them saying things about me like:

"Hasn't she brought a lot of love into the house."


"She's so clever and kind."

Time for a pay rise perhaps? I've only had dried puppy food so far, but there seems to be something to be said for things called "chocolate digestives".

Here's my plan;  keep up with the face that makes everyone go "Awww!" Perfect the whimper I have taught myself that also makes them go "Awww!" Then do BOTH when one of them is eating a chocolate digestive.

Oh yes, and also find out more about what I can do to help with this "fostering" thing.

"I used to enjoy digging up the earth on this bowl and then they decided to store bricks in there.  Sometimes these fostering humans simply don't think."


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