Saturday, December 28, 2019


How about this comment from El Chorizo Ingles which went up a couple of days back in response to a blog I posted... four years ago.

El Chorizo InglesSaturday, December 21, 2019
We've been discussing fostering for a while now and have decided to start putting things into place. It means moving, improving the other halfs English, getting everyone on board(6 kids between 5 and 22 and a Granny and Grandad who are all in)and lots of reaserch. But whats really pushing our desire to do it is reading words like yours. Thank you.

I sometimes get wind of people who are reading all the Secret Foster Carer blog posts, which makes War and Peace look like a short story. I guess El Chorizo is maybe doing just that.

You guys! What an intriguing background to bring to fostering; El Chorizo is proof that it really does take all sorts to make fostering work.

Forgive me showing how scrappy my Spanish is (I worked a summer as a tour rep in Lloret de Mar donkeys years ago), but I want to speak directly to El Chorizo's other half:

Ola Senora(ita?) Chorizo, que tal?

Siento pero mi Espanol es pobre, mi vocabulario pequeno (es el Espanol de la playa, por ejemplo "Donde esta un bar?"... "Donde esta mi hotel…?".

Pero yo quero a hablar con unsted como importante es mas cosas en fostering tambien con a hablar Ingles.

Es mas importante a entender la familia, esto es numero uno y los Chorizos tienen esto mas grande!

A Blue Sky, gustamos mucho la familia grande, y todos las cosas de un familia grande; especialmente multi-generacions(?) (esto es un problema in Inglaterre; muchas familias no tienen "Granny y Grandad" cerca). 

Si usted tienen seis nino(a)s tambien ustedes tienen un grande amor(?), y esto es mas imprortane que habler Ingles.

Pero, Ingles es no dificil, puedo con un acente Espanol es muy bonita! Aprende por favor.

Bona fortuna. xxx

The point I tried to make to Mrs Chorizo is that although language is very important, and it helps with everything if you can communicate well, there are facets of life and family especially, that are more important. 

Anyone who can mange a family as large and complicated as theirs is well in on the big basics; so good luck to them from us at Blue Sky.


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