Thursday, March 04, 2021


 This'll make you laugh.

One of the tricky questions in fostering is what do foster children call their foster parents.

I have one who calls my partner 'dad' but doesn't call me 'mum', I get called by my name, which is the child's choice and I'm fine with that.

We've found that most foster children prefer to call us by our first names. I recieved a Christmas gift under the Christmas tree last Christmas from one of our foster children with whom I have ongoing jokey arguments about politics. It was addressed to "The Kitchen Communist". Funny. Child and me laugh a lot, it's great.

My first name ends in 'a', which is the first part of the thing that'll make you laugh. Let's say my name is "Lisa" - it's not, but it helps tell the story.

The second part is that we've got some smart speakers in the house, one in the kitchen and another in the living room. One of our foster children has one in the bedroom.

The child in question is quite assertive; needs to feel in control of various situations. Child is forever ordering me about, telling me what's wrong with my cooking and asking for this and that. I take it all with a pinch of salt, water off a ducks back. If the chid says "Lisa, I need a pair of Apple Pro Earbuds" I reply neutrally "Okay, I'll look into it.", knowing full well that the next day the child will be asking me "Lisa can I have an electric guitar?", "Lisa, I need a new pair of trainers?" which will equally be forgotten about the next day.

Of course I often say "No". It leads to a difference of opinion which in part is what the child wants, enjoying the argument, we usually end up laughing. But the child would far rather hear that they'd got their own way, and had one up on me.

Child knows that Alexa does what she's told if child asks the question correctly.

So, there I was sitting at the kitchen tableon my laptop doing some Blue Sky admin when the child appeared and said;

"Alexa, my phone is rubbish. Can I have an upgrade?"

Alexa went: "Sorry I don't know that one."

Child repeated; "Alexa, look at my phone it's rubbish."

Alexa began to repeat; "Sorry I don't…"

Child barked at Alexa;

"Alexa! I'm not talking to you!"

I looked up. Child was looking at me. Had clearly been addressing me. As "Alexa".

I said;

"Has it come to this? I'm now just an "Alexa"! What am I your smart robot now?"

We both ended up doubled over laughing. 

Hope it made you smile too...


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