Wednesday, December 29, 2021


So, suddenly everyone in the house has gone for making New Year Resolutions.

Eldest foster child started the ball rolling, annoucing that I should lose weight, charming.

Remarks like that are his trademark way of being affectionate, and now that I understand that the barbs aren't nearly so stinging. He starts every day off with a criticism of me. It might be my outfit that looks dated, or the fridge hasn't got what he wants, or the cereal is past it's best before date.

He's always got a point to make at my general expense. I come back with a counter point and we're engaged. Engaged in what he deems banter, and if it makes him feel attached it's fine by me.

So I said I'd make it my resolution to drop ten pounds.

Then I asked him if there was anything about himself he could improve.


That teatime the conversation was a happy jabber as everyone 'helped' everyone else come up with resolutions.

Short story long;

My other half is going to go on less and less about Portsmouth FC.

Youngest foster child is going to hang the bath towels properly after use.

Our two children are going to a) use their own charge lead for their phone and b) when using the last of the juice not leave a teaspoon of juice in the carton and put it back in the fridge rather than use it all and have to dispose of the carton properly.

They all sound piffling, but as the Chinese say, every thousand mile journey begins with a first step.

And eldest foster child?

This was the big one, and it got the longest laugh;

He's going to greet me EVERY morning with;

"Good morning mother dearest I trust you slept the sleep of the righteous, may I say you look a picture today!"


  1. Ha! The "banter" must be a universal love language of teen boys.

    1. Yeah; you're right anonymous. Of course, if we wanted to we could banter them back into the undergrowth. They think we never had problems or attitude, mind, we probably never had their chaos. But fostering is about taking it, and we do.

  2. Had to laugh at eldest foster child's resolution.
    It certainly is a awesome resolution to make and keep.

  3. Hi Lilibets,
    Thank for your comment, yes it will be awesome if it lasts 3 mornings but there's an important point lurking in it which is that foster children have a thousand journeys to start on and each one starts somewhere in the home of the foster parent, while they are with us.

  4. Hi Secret Foster Carer,
    Hope you had a good New Year.
    I had hoped you would update on eldest foster child's resolutions to greet you so nicely and how it went.

  5. I'll pen a full post lilbets, thanks for the heads up